SMD assembly

W naszej szerokiej ofercie znajdą Państwo:

  • montaż SMD jednostronny i dwustronny
  • lutowanie rozpływowe
  • montaż elementów SMD dla dużych, średnich oraz prototypowych serii
  • stosowanie profesjonalnych szablonów do nanoszenia pasty lutowniczej
  • montaż przy użyciu kleju
  • montaż pakietów BGA
  • montaż zgodny z normą IPC-A-610E
  • realizację nietypowych przedsięwzięć produkcyjnych

The process of SMT assembly
Surface mount technology runs automatically and takes place in the following stages:

  • pads (the points of the expected soldering) are covered with solder paste, consisting of solder flux and microscopic solder particles
  • SMD electronic components are arranged on the board
  • if the board is double-sided, the components on the first side are glued by means of a glue drop applied prior to placement of the components
  • there is also a possibility that a solder paste may be applied on both sides of the board
  • the printed-circuit board with the applied elements is conveyed into the oven, in which the solder paste and soldering tin melt forming filler metal (solder)
  • after exit from the oven and temperature reduction the filler metal solidifies and a permanent electrical connection takes place

Advantages of the surface mount technology:

  • automation of the production process
  • miniaturisation of the equipment and large density of arrangement of the elements
  • possibility of placing the components on both sides of the printed-circuit board
  • small joint impedance (influencing better properties with high frequency performances)
  • good mechanical properties under shake and vibration conditions (due to smaller weight of the elements)
  • very high speed of assembly
  • possibility of connecting the machinery in production lines in order to increase the speed of assembly
  • relative low production costs

During the industrial production special automatic machines are used called pick and place machines. The head (consisting of vacuum cup) takes elements from suitable feeders and places them of the pads of the circuit board (covered with solder paste).
In order to achieve large capacity of the assembly, the machine contains multi-positional head or many heads taking large amount of elements.

Surface mount technology (SMT) – spois a method for assembly of the electronic components on the printed-circuit board. Electronic elements intended for the surface mounted devices (SMD) are characterised by slight dimensions, have flat enclosures and soldering tips in the form of flanges covering the ends of the enclosure. Due to very slight physical size of the elements the soldering tips are bigger in comparison with the size of the enclosure.
SMD assembly:
                  1 – surface mounted devices,
                  2 – electrical assembly,
                  3 – soldered joint,
                  4 – glue,
                  5 – conductive paths,
                  6 – foundation