Assembly of electronic components

Our offer comprises mainly professional SMD assembly supplemented with manual assembly. Our services are characterised by high quality, and our key task is to adapt to the Customer’s expectations and requirements. We guarantee complete confidentiality of the entrusted documentation as well as assistance at every stage of cooperation.

Types of the specific equipment in the processing line are selected in accordance with the requirements that are established by the task we are entrusted with. The line capacity depends on the executed projects. We perform lead-free assembly and we apply the international quality standards - norms IPC-A-610E. The capacity aspects that are to be achieved during order realisation are also taken into account, as well as the financial potential of the Customer.

In our broad offer you will find the following:

SMD assembly

  • SMD assembly one-sided and double-sided
  • reflow soldering
  • assembly of SMD elements for large, medium and prototype series
  • assembly with the use of glue
  • assembly of BGA packages
  • assembly according to the norm IPC-A-610E

THT assembly

  • element immobilisation
  • wave soldering
  • the highest quality soldering filler metals

We offer a number of supplementary services

  • separation of the printed-circuit board after assembly
  • lacquering and covering with protective layers
  • testing and activating the modules as well as their visual inspection
  • marking and packing