Delivery of components

Our Customers are offered purchase of components for the projects that we realise. The strategy of the teamwork making the purchase conforms to the Company’s strategy ensuring the highest standards at every level of its functioning. The task of the Purchasing department is to reduce the costs by means of deliveries realised by the most competitive suppliers. Close cooperation with such partners guarantees the highest quality of the offered products and innovative approach within the scope of our actions.

  1. Due to the fact that we have renowned companies among our suppliers with a global reach we are capable of offering to our Customers not only our own experience, but also the experience of the companies that cooperate with us.
  2. We are engaged in the purchase of all the materials necessary for realisation of the tasks entrusted to us.
  3. We offer the possibility of storing the purchased elements and raw materials.
  4. We work on the subassemblies submitted by the Customers.
  5. Part of the elements such as coils, glands, transformers, semi-finished products made of metal sheet and plastics as well as aluminium covers are manufactured by us within our own scope.