Supplementary services: electronic assembly

In our offer we have a wide range of additional services:

  • separation of the printed-circuit board after assembly
  • lacquering and covering with protective layers
  • testing and activating the modules as well as their visual inspection
  • marking and packing

Separation of the printed-circuit boards after assembly

  • separation of the sheets of the printed-circuit boards after electronic SMD or THT assembly takes place by means of specialised tools and devices
  • after the separation process the printed-circuit boards are subject to thorough visual inspection and proceed to the next stage of production or are submitted to the Customer

Lacquering and covering with protective layers

We use our own lacquers, as well as those handed over by the Customer. We execute protective coatings, securing all the circuits against the influence of the external atmospheric conditions.

The protective coatings that are available in our offer have been included in the following services:

  • lacquering
  • mass pouring
  • covering the soldering pads prior the THT assembly on the soldering aggregate

Testing and activating the modules as well as their visual inspection

We own specialised tester equipment, which allows for offering wide range of services related to testing and inspection of the specific product parameters in accordance with the requirements of the Customer. In particular cases specialised ”testing devices” are developed, which enable efficient and complex verification of the given product prior to its delivery to the Customer. It is also possible to use our measurement resources in order to conduct construction tests of the designed products.

Depending on the Customer’s requirements electrical and electronic tests are performed. We also realise the processes of quality control of the mounted subassemblies with the use of visual inspection.

Depending on the type of product or order the visual inspections are carried out:

  • after reception of materials,
  • after SMD assembly,
  • after SMD reflow soldering,
  • after THT assembly,
  • after lacquering,
  • after separation of the boards,
  • after mechanical assembly.

Marking and packing

Our production tracking system enables to archive information about all the operations executed within the scope of the given order and assigns it to the given operator, who executed the given operation. The system makes use of the bar codes located on every manufactured board and on every device. It allows for full control of the production process and maximally quick taking up of the corrective actions in order to eliminate any possible errors.