THT assembly

Soldering elements in the through-hole technology is executed by machines based on wave soldering.

In case of very small batches and very complex projects in terms of technology the assembly is executed manually. Our company offers a wide selection of equipment used for immobilisation of the through-hole components. Only the highest quality soldering filler metals with certificates are used for THT assembly.

Through-Hole Technology (THT) – spis a method for assembly of the electronic components on the printed-circuit board. Electronic components adapter for the through-hole assembly have leads in the form of wires, which during assembly are threaded by the holes in the printed-circuit boards and soldered to the conductive paths on the opposite side of the boards than the assembled element. The through-hole assembly is executed manually or automatically by means of the soldering aggregate.

     The resistor mounted in the THT technology
     (end elevation, the printed-circuit board
     has been designated by green colour)